Zero Spiking Tolerance Policy

In light of the recent national increase in cases of spiking, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight how SUMS currently deals with any cases of spiking, or any forms of harassment.

As a society, we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment in which everyone is able to participate freely. As such, we operate under a zero-tolerance policy to support anyone who has experienced or witnessed harassment, discrimination, or spiking.

If any member of SUMS is found to have committed an act of misconduct, this will be reported to the Students’ Association where the perpetrator will be dealt with in accordance with the Students’ Association zero-tolerance policy and, where appropriate, will be reported to the police. Furthermore, since the wellbeing and safety of our members is of paramount importance to us, any perpetrator will be prohibited from attending any future SUMS events.

To report an incident of misconduct to the SUMS committee, please email, or speak to one of the committee members. On the other hand, if you would prefer to report an incident of misconduct directly to the university, you can use their Report Support service (

In addition to this, the SUMS committee will be participating in the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme. If you feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened, you can discreetly seek help by approaching a committee member and asking them for ‘Angela’. This code-phrase will indicate that you require help with your situation and the committee member will then look to support and assist you.

For a more detailed explanation of the Students’ Association Zero Tolerance Policy for harassment and bullying, please see:

For more information on spiking safety, please see:

If you feel that you just want to talk to someone in an anonymous, non-judgemental environment, you can always contact Nightline on 01334 462266. This number is on the back of your matric card.

If you are in an emergency outside of university’s normal operating times but require urgent assistance, you can call the security and response team on 01334 468999. This number is also on the back of your matric card.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.